Bank account reconciliation the smart way - AR Matching

45 minutes


It’s time to make use of tools that adapt to your AR processes and make it possible for you and your team to work more efficiently and focus on value-creating work instead of doing manual labor.

In this live demo we will take a go beyond simply looking at automation. It’s 2020, we all know that we can easily create processes with simple rules. It gets interesting when it comes to maintaining automation and create processes for efficient exception handling (for example manual matching).

After this webinar you will be fully equipped to not  just focus on important work but you will have practical insights as to how to reduce your days sales outstanding and unallocated cash.  

We will show you how to:

  • Easily work with different types of transactions from multiple sources.
  • Set up automated matching processes without any programming knowledge
  • Increase automation rates over time by allowing end-users to continuously develop the rules by themselves
  • Handle global AR operations through an easy to use tool.

Who should attend:
This webinar is for anyone who is bold and wants to improve they and their team are working. It’s for those of us who are not afraid of automation but rather are looking to embrace it. And well, if you feel like automation might take your job away, then maybe you should join this webinar too.


Jouni Kirjola
Presales Executive
Jouni has over 10 years experience in corporate cash management and has deep expertise in cash forecasting, payment factories and in-house banking, and process development. Previously Jouni has worked in product management, consulting and R&D.