2020 Cash Management Centralization Tools & Trends

50 minutes


In this webinar, Orchard Finance, together with OpusCapita discuss the key trends in cash management and the issues that are driving them in 2020.

Centralization of cash management has many advantages for forward-thinking organizations, but is it right for you? What catalysts are driving this and how should we benchmark our own organizations in the face of a rapidly evolving technology landscape. 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Key trends & technology in cash management
  • Market drivers in 2020
  • What is cash management centralization
  • Cash management centralization case study
  • How to prioritize modernization
  • What tools support cash management best practices

Once you know what is important and are able to set reasonable goals for your cash management functions, how do you get there? Understanding what tools and techniques are available will be essential to your own organizations development.

Who should attend:
You should attend this webinar if your organization is considering cash management centralization or if you simply want to better understand why other organizations are centralizing cash management.


Leon van de Bunte
Leon van de Bunte
Senior Consultant Treasury
Orchard Finance
Leon has been working as a consultant Treasury for Orchard Finance for over four years now and has a background in Financial Control and Bank Connectivity. Currently he is leading the cash management practice. In this role he has supported many corporates in projects regarding cash management scans, cash management selections, cash management implementations, cash flow forecasting and bank connectivity.
Karl-Henrik Sundberg
Presales Executive Lead
Karl-Henrik has a background from CM in Transaction Banking followed by 6 years as head of Cash Management at a Corporate Treasury. As CM Presales in OpusCapita he is involved in sales, RFPs, product demos and product development of the next generation Cash Management modules.