Bank Connectivity as a Service - What’s in it for you?

50 minutes


How are you ensuring that you seamlessly maintain connections to multiple banks?

Working with multiple banks, we all know that developing and maintaining corporate-to-bank connectivity requires extensive and up-to-date knowledge of different connection technologies, payment traffic formats and information security practices. Simply put, bank connectivity is an exercise that involves and ties up resources in your treasury and IT department all at once.

But does it really have to be though? In this webinar, we will explore the concept of bank connectivity as a service.

We will check if the times when bank connections need to be built, hosted and maintained are slowly but surely ending.

Of course there are reasons why some companies might need to rely on their own bank connections but bank connectivity as a service has major benefits for businesses:

  • Plug ‘n’play connectivity - Your bank connections are just like that famous high end designed laptop, they simply work.
  • Pay as you go - No need to upfront all the cost, the cost is distributed evenly.
  • Monitoring - In other words, your IT guys are allowed to take a rest as well.
  • Futureproof functionality - Same as with monitoring, the service takes care of maintenance and making sure future needs and technical changes by the banks are taken into account.

Join this webinar if you are interested to learn more about bank connectivity as a service and if that solution is right for you. Our experts are there to answer your questions and hopefully provide you interesting insights into the subject.

Who should attend:
This webinar is for you if you are looking for ways to optimize current processes. In this webinar, we hope to provide you all the info you need to make the business case in your organization for bank connectivity as a service because as you know, no treasurer is an island.


Karl-Henrik Sundberg
Presales Executive Lead
Karl-Henrik has a background from CM in Transaction Banking followed by 6 years as head of Cash Management at a Corporate Treasury. As CM Presales in OpusCapita he is involved in sales, RFPs, product demos and product development of the next generation Cash Management modules.
Markus Makkonen trans 150x150 (1)
Markus Makkonen
Product Manager Cash Management Platform, OpusCapita
Markus Makkonen has 9 years of experience from international and complex payment factory projects. Currently, Markus is working as the product manager of OpusCapita cash management platform and bank connectivity.