Cash Management Centralization with OpusCapita

50 minutes


At OpusCapita, part of our mission is to help you succeed. We work with Treasury and Finance professionals to optimize their ability to manage cash flows. To do this well requires visibility, control, and insight - at least, that’s what our customers tell us.

This webinar is going to be a panel discussion where we ask our experts to discuss topics such as: what does centralization mean for bank connectivity, what are the benefits. Also, how do liquidity management, centralization of cash itself, cash pooling, and visibility of your global cash position relate to trapped cash

We are expecting a really interesting conversation - which we hope you are part of. Topics to discuss:

  • Centralization of cash management
  • Global payments
  • Liquidity management, cash pooling and in-house banking
  • Bank connectivity in a centralized vs de-centralized environment
  • Automation and harmonization of managing cash flows
  • Ask your questions

Who should attend:
You should attend if you are a Finance or Treasury professional looking to centralize and standardize your cash management processes.


Jukka Sallinen
Jukka is a cash management domain expert with strong hands-on background from international and complex payment factory and SWIFT projects. Previously Jukka has been working in various R&D roles, focusing on bank and ERP integrations and security topics.
Karl-Henrik Sundberg
Presales Executive Lead
Karl-Henrik has a background from CM in Transaction Banking followed by 6 years as head of Cash Management at a Corporate Treasury. As CM Presales in OpusCapita he is involved in sales, RFPs, product demos and product development of the next generation Cash Management modules.
Jouni Kirjola
Presales Executive, OpusCapita
Jouni has over 10 years experience in corporate cash management and has deep expertise in cash forecasting, payment factories and in-house banking, and process development. Previously Jouni has worked in product management, consulting and R&D.
Markus Makkonen trans 150x150 (1)
Markus Makkonen
Product Manager Cash Management Platform, OpusCapita
Markus Makkonen has 9 years of experience from international and complex payment factory projects. Currently Markus is working as the product manager of OpusCapita cash management platform and bank connectivity.